Supercharge complex decision making with Minded A.I. Supercharge complex decision making with Minded A.I.

By fusing human intelligence with artificial intelligence you will accelerate the journey to AI applicability, reliability, and business value
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Your AI needs an expert mentor

To gain the full benefits from AI, AI models need to learn faster, be more accurate, and drive smarter, more reliable decisions.

The key is to fuse artificial intelligence with the knowledge and expertise of human mentors. This is a win-win, as human experts also benefit from AI, honing skills and improving decision making.

And this is what Minded A.I. is all about - leveraging cutting-edge neuro-technology, harnessing the skills of your organization’s experts, turning them into powerful AI mentors, giving your AI a brain and transforming it into Minded A.I.

The path to Minded A.I.

Mentoring by experts

With a brain-computer interface, our solutions understand the capabilities of your human experts, transferring their knowledge to AI models, as well as enabling them to hone their own skills

Fusing human & artificial intelligence

Our solutions process human intelligence (H.I.), along with the significance nuances of expert decisions, and fuses it with AI as well as with relevant data from other sources

Optimizing complex decisions

By mentoring and fusing, organizations can take the fast track to applicable and trusted AI, driving the business with smarter, more accurate and reliable decisions than ever

Intelligence you can trust

InnerEye provides solutions that bring expert mentorship to AI, and AI insights to experts, so you can drive your organization with trusted human and artificial intelligence.


Leveraging Minded A.I. to fuse expert decisions with artificial intelligence, optimizing AI training and complex decisioning with:

  • Higher than ever AI model accuracy
  • Reduced AI implementation costs
  • Up to 15x faster model learning speed

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Sense Plus

Leveraging Minded A.I. to assess and hone experts’ skills and create a minded organization that:

  • Understands the cognitive and emotional drivers of its experts’ decision making
  • Uncovers and enhances its experts’ skillsets
  • Optimizes key organizational processes

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